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Vintage Collectibles Dealers: Autographs


  • Al Wittnebert Autographs - Dealer specializing in autographs pertaining to sci-fi, horror, aviation, and super heros.  

  • Authentics - Australian dealer of autographs from movies, television, and sports.  

  • Autograph Collectors Gallery - Autograph shopping site based in the United Kingdom, featuring actors, actresses, music, sports, and entertainment.  

  • Autograph Link - Limited edition lithographs autographed by the original Mercury 7 astronauts and the crews from the Apollo-Soyuz mission.  

  • Autograph Pros - A dealer with emphasis on autographs from politics, sports, music, and celebrities.  

  • Autograph World - Features catalog of items for sale alphabetically as well as occasional auctions, and lifetime guarantee on purchases.  

  • Autographed Memorabilia - A selection of British celebrity autographs for sale from the worlds of rock, comedy, tv and film.  

  • Autographed to You - Sells autographs from movies, TV, music, sports, business, and political personalities.  

  • Autographs of America - Dealer specializing in autographs from sports, politics, music, history, astronomy, and Hollywood.  

  • Autographs Plus - Dealer specializing in autographs from productions like Star Trek, James Bond, and general sci-fi. Features celebrity autographs by name also.  

  • Autographs Plus - Scans of movie, television, music, sports, and celebrity autographed photos. Has stores in St. Louis and Myrtle Beach.  

  • - Celebrity-signed items for sale: including sports figures, actors/actresses, models, musicians, and politicians.  

  • Catherine Barnes Historical Autographs - Dealer in original autographs, letters, documents, and photos signed by significant individuals in history.  

  • Celebrity Signings - Features in-person celebrity autographed photos and memorabilia.  

  • Cloud Cuckoo Land - A UK based dealer with autographs from music, literature, history, sports, and entertainment media.  

  • Collecting Hollywood Autographs - Offers a variety of 8x10 photographs, of movie and stage actors and actresses. Also includes a variety of animation characters and their respective voices.  

  • Cyndi Thompson Autographs - Includes historical, cartoon characters, horror, sports, science fiction and television actors.  

  • Edward N. Bomsey Autographs - An American dealer based in Virginia specializing in political and historical autographs.  

  • Fraser's Autographs - UK seller features a wide range of autographed items for sale and up for auction.  

  • History In Ink - Specializes in presidents, first ladies, Supreme Court justices, and royalty.  

  • Iconographs - Dealer offering signatures of TV, movie stars, music, and sports personalities. Also sells via online auctions.  

  • The Inkwell Autograph Gallery - Dealer of civil war era autographs located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  

  • J & K Autographs - Wide selection of autographs in many fields including actors, actresses, history, literature, politics, science, sports. Based in the United Kingdom.  

  • Jack Bacon & Company - Vintage autographs for sale, with emphasis on political and historical items.  

  • J&J Collectibles - Dealer with autographs for sale in categories such as male, female, and cast autographed photographs.  

  • John Wilson Manuscripts - A dealer of autographed letters and manuscripts from the fields of science, literature, military history, and art.  

  • Legends Online - UK dealer of autographs organized into categories including male, female, sports, and music.  

  • Lights, Camera, Action - Dealer based in the UK that specializes in signed celebrity photographs.  

  • Memorabilia UK - Dealer in celebrity autographs and memorabilia based in the United Kingdom.  

  • Moments in Time - Dealer of autographs, original historical documents, and manuscripts.  

  • North Shore Manuscript - Sells autographs of American political figures, first ladies, scientists, and business leaders.  

  • Pen to Paper Autographs - Offering a wide range of autographs in entertainment, music and sports. Based in the United Kingdom.  

  • PhotoWorld - Offers promotional and autographed celebrity photos, movie posters, music posters, and backstage passes from past concerts.  

  • Profiles in History - Offers historical autographs, documents and Hollywood memorabilia.  

  • Raab Autographs - Dealer of celebrity and historical autographs, manuscripts, signed photographs and documents. Searchable catalog or download as PDF file.  

  • Rare and Famous Memorabilia - Australian dealer featuring categorized list of signed photos and momentos.  

  • Richard Simon Sports Memorabilia and Autographs - Autographs and memorabilia in sports and entertainment, specializing in vintage material.  

  • Robert A. Erickson Autographs - Dealer specializing exclusively in the purchase and sale of presidential autographs.  

  • Rocky Mountain Rarities - Military, aviation, political, and scientific autographs for sale. Specialty is World War 2 German military autographs.  

  • Roger Gross Ltd. - Offers a vast inventory of opera and classical music autographs and memorabilia.  

  • Safka & Bareis - Autographed photographs for sale as well as unsigned photographs by theme.  

  • Scott J.Winslow Associates - Sells autographed manuscripts and photos for various historical figures via catalog organized by subject.  

  • Shadowland Collectibles - Features celebrity autographs from the movie and television entertainment industry.  

  • Sign of the Times - Sports, movies, TV, historical autographs and other memorabilia.  

  • - Sells sports and celebrity autographs obtained in person.  

  • Special Signings - Dealer of memorabilia featuring merchandise grouped by actor, TV show, or movie.  

  • Starcollectibles - Selling music and entertainment autographs and memorabilia, with focus on movies.  

  • Starpix Autographs - Supplies a selection of common and rare signatures.  

  • Starr Autographs and Memorabilia - Merchant featuring an online catalog of autographs for sale grouped by actor, actress, super model, sports star, and musician.  

  • Starshots - Features signed 8x10 photos of celebrities and catalog with prices and few pictures.  

  • Strickler's Sports - Specializing in celebrity and sports autographed memorabilia.  

  • TV Show Memories - Sells letters written by Stan Laurel and autographed photos and letters written by movie and TV stars.  

  • - Dealer of autographed celebrity photos of men and women from music, modeling, and entertainment.  

  • Visible Ink - Buying and selling autographs from cultural arts, history, science and literature.  

  • Walls of Fame - Offers signed celebrity sketches and photos. Includes stars, comics, and sports figures.



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