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Cameras and Photographs

Vintage Collectibles Dealers: Cameras and Photographs


  • AnamorFose Photo Gallery - Selling vintage prints of 19th and 20th century photographs taken by international, Belgian, and travel photographers.  

  • Andrews Cameras - UK-based shop selling classic and collectable cameras internationally. Also offers camera collector's books, and modern secondhand equipment.  

  • The Antique Photo Store - Photographic images printed from the original glass and antique negatives. Prints are available for purchase in a variety of sizes including murals.  

  • Be-hold - Auction catalogs exclusively devoted to photographic imagery-- primarily 19th Century but also including an interesting selection of 20th Century material.  

  • Camera Lucida Photographs - Buys and sells vintage 19th and 20th century photos, with an emphasis on cities, architecture, and human interest. Offers albumens, cyanotypes, photogravures, snapshots, silver and platinum prints, many by known photographers.  

  • Carl Mautz Publishing - Publishes photography books, buys and sells vintage photographs, and supplies for photo collectors with acid-free polypropylene sleeves.  

  • Century Images - Offering reproductions of antique and old photo images. Gallery features a selection of categories.  

  • Christopher Wahren Fine Photographs - Offering historic and fine art photographs from the 19th and early 20th century including daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, and modern alternative-process work.  

  • Cincinnati History - Selling prints of historic photographs of Cincinnati taken by photographer Ben Rosen. Also offers riverboat and steamboat note cards.  

  • Classic Camera - Classic and antique camera price lists, auction search, appraisal services and forum.  

  • - Celebrity, sports, and special interest images available. Nostalgic home town street scenes and historic aerial photography in the USA.  

  • - Buying and selling daguerreotypes and ambrotypes from Europe and the US. Prices in Euros.  

  • Dave's Stereos - Online catalog featuring a variety of stereoviews for sale. Images are organized by subject, location, and photographer.  

  • Dennis Waters, Fine Daguerreotypes - Offers a selection of vintage daguerreotypes for sale. Includes information on the history of daguerreotypes, and how to identify, date, and buy images.  

  • Dolls And - Selling antique photos of women, children, and children with their toys.  

  • The Eastern Window - Selection of vintage 19th century photographs including cabinet cards, cartes de visite, and other sizes. Subjects include ethnic, historic persons, Asia, Europe and other regions.  

  • Faithful Hound Software - Image Inventory and Case Inventory cataloging software for collectors of daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, CDV images, cabinet cards and other collectible photographs and daguerreian Union Cases.  

  • Fleet Irvine Photomurals - Dedicated to the research and custom reproduction of historic photos. Online catalog offers hand-printed and mounted photographs in a variety of themes.  

  • FrenchImages - Vintage French photographs, postcards, stereoviews, and autochromes for sale. Also offers viewers and Paris-Match vintage magazines.  

  • Fritz Antiques - Selling a variety of vintage and antique photographs including daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, cabinet cards, stereoviews, and real photo postcards.  

  • Frontier Vintage Photos - Selling vintage photographs dating from 1870 to 1950. Includes cabinets, tin types, CDVs, real photo postcards, and snapshots.  

  • Gabriel - Offers a selection of stereoviews and viewers for sale.  

  • Gamle Fotografier: Vintage Photography - Denmark-based site offers the sale, exchange or purchase of old photographs, photoalbums, photobooks, stereoviews and daguerreotypes.  

  • Gargantua Photos - Offering an assortment of vintage photographs and snapshots for sale. Most photos are 20th century and are sorted by image type including women, kids, animals, men, wacky, vacations, and other selections.  

  • Genealogy Images of History - Alphabetical database of rare old articles from newspapers, magazines, and books featuring photos of people from the past that made the news for one reason or another. Available for sale as originals or copies.  

  • Gilai Collectibles - Selling antique folding cameras and stereo viewers. Includes description and photo of each item.  

  • Grampa Tom's Timeless Treasures - Selling photo art, old advertisements, collectibles, and rare books.  

  • Historic Photographs - Archive of Australian photographic history, selling reproductions of over 5000 images. Includes fully searchable catalog and online shop.  

  • I Photo Central - Searchable multi-dealer gallery offering images for sale. Includes information on all aspects of photography collecting, news, archives, calendar of events, and photo links.  

  • Jeremy Rowe Vintage Photography - Selling daguerreotypes, civil war, stereo, and western images. Also offers reproductions of stock vintage photos of Arizona, particularly from 1900 to 1920.  

  • Ken and Jenny Jacobson 19th Century Photography - Dealers in vintage fine art photographs. Original 19th century art photographs, specializing in the eclectic, unconventional and also in exotic locations - including Asia, Middle East, Americas.  

  • Maine Antique Photographica Gallery - Stereoviews and fine 19th and 20th century photographs and related items for sale.  

  • Memory Lane Collection - Offering historical prints of vintage photographs taken in Danbury, Connecticut including streets, buildings, and local attractions.  

  • Motorcycle-Memories - Selling reproductions of historic motorcycle images taken from vintage postcards and photographs.  

  • North Shore Photo Hawaii - Selling reproductions of 140 years of historic and collectible photographic images of Hawaii. Offers hand printed black and white and digital color prints of Waikiki, grass shacks, hula, and Hawaiians.  

  • Oceania Ethnographica - Selling old ethnographic photographs and vintage postcards of the Pacific Islands, New Guinea, New Zealand Maori and Australian Aborigines. Includes rare books, sound recordings, and related artifacts.  

  • Old Japan - Selling a selection of original nineteenth and early twentieth century photographs of Japan and Korea. Includes links and articles on Japanese photography.  

  • Old West 1873 - Selling vintage historical photographic images of the American Experience including famous people, Indians, cowboys, statesmen and presidents. Offers stereo-views, CDVs, cabinet cards, and western photographs.  

  • - Selling collectable photographica including still and movie cameras, lenses, exposure meters, and subminiatures. Prices in Euros.  

  • - Buys, sells and trades panoramic photographs and antique photographica.  

  • Past to Present - Vintage photo gallery selling a range of photographs from the early years to contemporary photos. Categories include wire photos, antiques, stereoviews, snapshots, risque, modern era, and rarities.  

  • Paul Frecker - Nineteenth Century Photography - Selling ambrotypes, stereoviews, cartes-de-visite, cabinet cards, and large format albumen prints. Includes an archive of post-mortem images and cdvs by Camille Silvy and A.A.E. Disderi.  

  • Popular Russian Camera - Selling 20th century Soviet and Russian collectible cameras, lenses, movie cameras, and accessories. Includes vintage cameras and copies.  

  • Project b - Vintage photographs, snapshot albums, and ephemera. Also includes information on antique dexterity games.  

  • Quirky Prints - Offering unusual vintage photographic prints, restored and framed. Priced in UK pounds.  

  • Recycled Relatives - Selling vintage Victorian photographs of the people of yesteryear. Also offers antique photo reproductions and notecards.  

  • Snapatorium - Specializing in vintage photographs from the late 1800s to 1970s. Offers a selection of topics with an emphasis on vernacular snapshots.  

  • Southern Photographic Images - Gallery of black and white photographs taken by photographer Fonville Winans mostly in the 1930s of the diverse culture of Louisiana. Selling matted print reproductions of original photos.  

  • A Step Back - Reproduction notecards created from original vintage images including children, women, men, places, and WWII.  

  • - Online auction of antique photographic hardware and imagery from photography's first hundred years. Includes vintage cameras, photos, albums, books, magic lanterns and optical toys.  

  • Time Freeze Photos - Selling photographic prints from the original vintage negatives with an emphasis on historic New York City images. Other categories include people, occupations, and transportation.  

  • Timecamera - Vintage photograph, panorama, and print reproductions. Also offers vintage image compilation CDs.  

  • Vintage Works, Ltd. - Searchable photography art gallery specializes in 19th and 20th century masterworks by master photographers. Special exhibit of 19th century Photo Masterworks.  

  • Vintique - Online source for antique photographs, vintage jewelry, and other rare items.  

  • WWII Photos - Features a free catalog offering over 200 reproductions of famous World War II photographs taken by combat photographers.



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