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Near Eastern Artifacts

Vintage Collectibles Dealers: Near Eastern Artifacts


  • Anavian Gallery - Islamic art and artifacts from the ancient Near East and Asia, including glass, metalwork, sculpture, pottery and ceramics.  

  • Ancient and Oriental Ltd. - Art, antiquities and artifacts from ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece and Mesopotamia.  

  • Ancient Antiques - Ancient artifacts wholesale to the public. Offers ancient coins, Egyptian works, and Holy Land items.  

  • Ancient Art Gallery Stormbroek - Antiquities from the Ancient Egyptian, Roman, Greek worlds,and other civilizations, including European pre-history and medieval art, and ranging from every day objects to museum pieces.  

  • Ancient Touch - Antiquity dealer in ancient art, antiquities, and ancient beads including Greek, Scythian, Roman, and the Middle Ages.  

  • Archeo-gallery - Selling authentic art objects of the Greek-Hellenistic and Roman-Byzantine culture circle as well as of the Egyptian epoch.  

  • Artemission - Antiquities and ancient art from Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Mediterranean for both collectors and museums.  

  • Aton Gallery - Antiquities: mainly ancient Egyptian art objects.  

  • - Ancient pottery, glass, statues and figurines, bronze, coins, ancient weapons, and jewelry from Israel.  

  • Fragments of Time - Museum-quality ancient artifacts. Specialists in Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Etruscan, Holyland, and Near Eastern antiquities.  

  • Helios Gallery - Antiquities from the classical and pre-classical period, specializing in Mediterranean and Aegean civilizations.  

  • Hixenbaugh Ancient Art - Authentic, museum quality ancient art and artifacts, including Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Mesopotamian pieces.  

  • Keith Lloyd Ancient Coins and Antiquities - Ancient coins, antiquities and fossils from The Stone Age to the 18th Centuries, concentrating on the Roman and Egyptian civilizations.  

  • M. Zilverberg Antiquities - Kunsthandel M. Zilverberg offers a broad range of antiquities from Egypt, Western Asia, Greece, Etruria, South Italy and Rome, as well as Greek and Roman coins.  

  • Medusa Ancient Art - Dealing in genuine Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Near Eastern artifacts.  

  • Old Jaffa's Archaeological Center - licensed to sell ancient history  

  • Roman-Glass - The online Ancient Roman Glass Gallery. All ancient glass items are offered on sale by mail order. The authenticity of all items is guaranteed as described.  

  • Royal-Athena Galleries - An extensive selection of fine art of the Ancient World.  

  • Sands of Time Antiquities - Offers guaranteed genuine, fine Egyptian, Greek Roman and Middle Eastern artifacts.  

  • Sasson Ancient Art Gallery - Ancient art and antiquities from the Near East, Egypt, the Classical world, as well as early Jewish and Christian art.  

  • Treasuregate Gallery - Egyptian, Roman, Greek, and Near-east artifacts.



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